Engineered Water Solutions

Chemical Affinity is the attractive force between substances that causes them to enter into or remain in chemical combination.

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What is ApHinity®

ApHinity® from EAI is a brand of technologies based on the science of chemical affinity. These technologies play a critical role in the challenging water conservation, reuse, and recycling environments of today.

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Oxidant Generation Technologies

Electrolytic Technologies

Chlorine Dioxide is ideal for water disinfection for potable consumption; food and beverage applications involving water for washing and as an ingredient and industrial water circuits for bacterial, slime and biofilm control.

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Engineered Resin Technology

Engineered Resin Technology

ERT is a water processing solution for agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, power production, mining, pharmaceutical, institutional, and energy industries that utilizes patented resin technologies for Targeted Ion Removal.

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Irrigation Water Treatment

Hydroponic Treatment Technologies

A water treatment program for food processing and agricultural applications focused on water safety, biofilm control and irrigation water distribution efficiency.

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